Concrete Sonar Technology  Locates Reinforcement in Concrete

Concrete Sonar Technology Locates Reinforcement in Concrete – Utah

Interior Construction Specialist with Layton Construction contracted Ground Penetrating Radar of Salt Lake City, Utah to locate any reinforcement in a parking structure slab before they core drilled to install new fire features. Using the best concrete sonar technology, GPRS was able to locate all reinforcement in a 2’ x 2’ area around the proposed coring location. With this information ICS of Layton Construction can make an informed decision on the best location to core. ICS of Layton Construction realizes the benefit of ground imaging technology and works closely with GPRS of Utah.

GPRS, LLC. responds quickly to any job request, and can be on site usually sometime within a week and for those emergency jobs GPRS makes your priority their priority by making every effort to rearrange their schedule for your priority jobs. GPRS, LLC. of Utah can perform this type of scanning in any part of Lindon, Roy, North Ogden and Smithfield. Please contact Project Manager Sam Baldwin with any questions you may have at (801) 599-2115 or