Private Utility Locate at the Capitol Building

A client recently gave Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC. of Washington, DC a call to see if we would be able mark out utilities within portions of the Capital’s lawn area. The client called GPRS to come out and clear 10 areas that we had previously marked out. At GPRS we used our the GSSI 400mhz antenna along with the SIR 3000 in a 2’ grid pattern to locate any possible underground utilities in the concerned areas. GPRS also scanned a 20’ area around each of his marks and found out that there were multiple unknown utilities running through those particular locations. There were a couple of utilities we picked up with the radar within the requested drilling locations. In conjunction with the radar GPRS goes back over the areas and uses Radio Detection to see if there are any live power and any communication lines while using the radio mode.

GPRS saved this client from hitting these critical utilities by utilizing our services and potentially saving the company from any costly repairs, down time, and possible injuries that may have occurred if he had drilled without using this service GPRS provides. All GPRS employees are OSHA 10 trained and go through a three-month training process. GPRS Virginia/Maryland/Washington DC has a rapid response program that we have seen great success from;, we can get to any job you may have within 24-hours or less if needed with our rapid response program.

In many cases ground penetrating radar can be used to locate live electrical conduit or other hazardous utility lines prior to cutting, digging, or construction. This information will ensure that potentially unsafe utilities or obstructions below the surface are known prior to engaging in the work. Further, ground penetrating radar can be used to perform concrete scanning services, there by informing you where post tension cables and other structurally dangerous embedments may be.

While there is no way to guarantee safety on a job site there are services that can be used to make the job safer. Consider ground penetrating radar the next time your project presents unknown issues or safety concerns. GPR may just be able to keep you on schedule and under budget while providing you valuable information that limits risk and keeps your project SAFE.

GPR is a great tool to locate underground utilities. Before excavating and trenching in Richmond, VA or Virginia Beach, contact the Mid-Atlantic Team, at 804.393.8744 or You can also visit us on the web at We look forward to working with you and your team on your next project.

GPRS does not provide geophysical, geological, land surveying or engineering services. If you need such services, please contact an appropriate professional.