GPRS Locates Conduits & Beams Using Scanners

GPRS Scans for Conduits & Beams

Atrium Scan We were asked recently to provide a GPR scan of a large area. A large section of slab was being cut and removed in order to open an atrium between two floors. Based on the direction of our customer, we marked beams with blue paint, conduit with red paint, and rebar with black maker. The slab was a beam and joist slab, about 5" thick, and there were conduits running in the slab in a couple of areas.

A Unique Challenge One of the conduits ran deep inside one of the beams, and it was too deep for the GPR to detect. In order to locate it, we had to use a separate device called the EM locator. We went down to the lower floor, found the conduit, and climbed a ladder. We clamped onto the conduit with a special device, and then we induced a tone frequency. We went back up to the main floor and followed the conduit with the EM locator, marking it on the surface. This process is not generally necessary, since the GPR can usually identify conduit, but since this particular line was running inside the beam, the EM locator was a necessary solution.

Clean Markings GPRS has been pushing lately to implement industry-driving procedures for marking our findings, and this job demonstrates those efforts. We never want to leave a job looking like a bunch of confusing lines and dashes. We want each job to look like a clean and clear image of what lies within the slab. We know that not all drillers will take the extra time to carefully discern what is marked. Markings should be clean, clear, and obvious. We are not just marking the slab "well enough" to prove due diligence. We seek to go above and beyond, to mark each slab in a way that is clear to the point of dummy-proof. This is just one more way that we seek to raise our game and press our entire industry forward.

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