GPRS Scans for Beams and Rebar in an Elevated Concrete Slab in Memphis, Tennessee

GPRS Scans for Beams and Rebar in an Elevated Concrete Slab

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Memphis, TN office recently worked with a local construction company to help them locate several areas suitable for coring locations to be placed in a concrete slab. Working at a hospital in Memphis, TN the client was going to drill upwards of 30+ coring locations for gas lines and oxygen lines from the floor below. The client was unable to determine if it was safe to drill without calling GPRS first. GPRS was able to show up within 24 hours and mark out all rebar and beams in the area to give the client safe options on where to core drill without hitting any structural support. Because the client decided to call GPRS rather than accept the risk of hitting any structural support, the client was able to move the coring locations quickly once GPRS laid out the rebar and beams. Each location was marked out in real time using Sharpie, which allowed the client to have the results permanently on the surface. Fast and accurate, the GPRS scanning method prevented any delays to the project that would have been caused if they were to strike reinforcement in the slab. Scanning is in real-time, so project managers can instantly receive results, relay them to their team members and make necessary adjustments on site without causing any delays. GPRS uses non-destructive testing equipment to locate piping, post-tension cables, reinforcement, and conduits within the slab that are otherwise unable to be seen. Using GPRS is a safe, efficient, cost effective way to make sure you can safely drill or saw-cut and not destroy any conduits, rebar, post-tension cables, or other objects in concrete. This will also help to keep your crew safe.

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