GPRS Provides Experts in GPR

There are many different types of slabs, and some are more difficult to scan than others. Unfortunately, the slabs that are most difficult to scan also happen to be the slabs with the greatest danger. Cast-in-place PT (Post Tension) slabs are he most difficult to scan, and they also carry the highest liability, since PT cables are very costly to repair, and can even compromise the structural integrity and create risks to the surroundings (e.g. they can shoot out the sides of the building).

For this reason, we highly recommend that customers bring in GPRS to scan PT slabs. Even customers that have their own GPR system would be wise to limit its use to basic slabs. This month, we had two large construction companies bring us in to scan PT slabs. In both cases, the companies own their own GPR system, and in both cases, they had hit PT cables which their operators had missed. We were tasked with rescanning the areas that had already been scanned, and the prior markings were generally very good, but our services were needed to properly perform the task.

GPRS provides experts in GPR. That is what we do, all day every day. We offer competitive pay that brings in top-notch team members and we train and retain them. We have many veterans who have spent 5000-10,000 hours on the job. There is no way an in-house scanner or even a core-drilling company that 'scans on the side' can provide that kind of experience.

Next Steps

- If you have an in-house scanner, we recommend that you choose an operator who has the humility to admit when a job is too difficult. Try to use just one operator, rather than passing the system around, so that the operator can gain as much experience as possible. If your coring company offers scanning, we recommend you use their scanning service only if they are SIM certified, have at least 6 weeks of training, 2000 hours of scanning experience, or else if they offer a guarantee of their results. Many coring companies focus primarily on coring and scan only as an upsell. This sometimes work on basic slabs, but not on the difficult slabs where the risk is greatest.

If you want experts with an industry-leading track record to scan your slab, call us at 214.471.9001. We stand behind our work, we have the most advanced in-house training facility of any GPR company, we are SIM certified, use the top equipment, and we have over a million hours of cumulative experience.

GPRS does not provide geophysical, geological, land surveying or engineering services. If you need such services, please contact an appropriate professional.