GPRS Locates Utilities for a Canopy Being Built for a Chick-fil-A

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was recently contracted to complete a site investigation prior to the installation of a canopy throughout a drive through. The General Contractors on site knew that utilities were running to and from the restaurant and needed to know where he could drill the anchors for the canopy.

GPRS was tasked with locating any underground utility on site such as: electric, storm drains, and potential unknown utilities. We provided the location of each utility with as much accuracy as possible and gave depth where applicable. The technologies used on this project included the standard locating equipment (400 MHz antenna and EM locator).

We were able to locate the main power running to the restaurant using radio detection, and then later confirmed it while using ground penetrating radar. The contractor needed a depth and the trench in which the conduits were traveling marked, to help avoid drilling into them. We were able to find the power by first using our radio detection wands, and that was later confirmed with our ground penetrating radar where the trench could also be marked out.

In this case, while conduciting a site walk through we noticed and noted the gas meter. After the site walk through was complete we went back and were able to direct connect to the gas meter and were able to trace the pipe out using our radio detection wand and later re confirmed with our ground penetrating radar system.

The findings here did not produce a tone and the pipe was not able to be found using our radio detection wand but when using the ground penetrating radar system, we could see the pipe traveling from the building running out towards the parking lot.

Some of the utilities on site were located with both ground penetrating radar and radio detection. We were able to locate all known utilities as well as clear the location of any other unknown utilities. The contractor was able to drill and miss all utilities.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC. is very familiar with working closely with countless major commercial projects and contractors. Ground penetrating radar mapping is a great tool to scan areas of post tension cables, rebar, and conduits, including PVC pipes. Ground penetrating radar can also be used to locate underground utilities such as water, gas, electrical, communication, sewer, and other objects prior to digging or excavating. Please contact Ground Penetrating Radar Systems – GPRS to learn how we can assist with your next project.

GPRS has done many projects such as this in Lexington, Louisville, Bowling Green, Florence and throughout the entire state of Kentucky and performs GPR surveys throughout the United States. For more information on how Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. can help you on your next project, please contact Jared Malone at 419-261-4250 or by email at

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