GPRS Locates Utilities in Detroit, MI

GPRS Locates Utilities efore demolition in Detroit, Michigan

GPRS Received a call from a local Detroit, MI contractor to assist with a utility locate. The contractor’s main objective was to demolish an existing building known as the State Street dining hall, rebuild it in the same lot, and also construct a farmer’s market across the street that would take up an entire city block. So, here’s where the real challenge begins. The area the contractor was working in is known as Greenfield Village, part of an internationally recognized cultural destination.

The Greenfield Village is famous for immersing its visitors into the stories of ingenuity and innovation that helped shape America. The Greenfield village is a collection of nearly 100 historic buildings. The village includes the birth places, homes, or infamous workplaces of some of the most influential people in all America. Including Abraham Lincoln, The Wright brothers, and the very building where Thomas Edison created the light bulb just to name a few. And sits on a 200-acre site in the heart of Dearborn, Michigan. Henry Ford himself started the collection in 1933. The contractors main concern was to locate the main utilities from all the adjacent buildings in the area. There were no original plans or as-builts of the underground utilities in the area. The buildings were constructed to resemble their original appearance, so no outside access points were available; making this utility locate very challenging. Some of the buildings did not have basements, only crawl spaces. The buildings that did have basements were difficult to not only track down and visually identify the targeted lines to locate, but we also had to get the security team that represented the village to unlock all the spaces needed to investigate and locate the lines.

Of course, GPRS was up to the challenge and was able to locate all the targeted lines. GPRS also located some of the lines that the contractor needed the most and thought we would struggle with, like, water, gas, and several drain lines. There are four main reasons GPRS is the number one choice for contractors: accuracy, availability, ability, and allegiance. The ongoing GPRS commitment to these four main commitments is the reason that makes us the common sense professional choice for contractors in need of expert locating service’s nationwide. GPRS is the best at what we do. Because it’s all we do.

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