GPRS  Locates Utilities In Philadelphia, PA

GPRS Identified Underground Utilities in Northeast Philadelphia

A general contractor recently contacted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS), Philadelphia office. Their goal was to identify all underground utilities within a large parking lot for new restaurants and cosmetic upgrades in the Fishtown area of Northeast Philadelphia.

The scope of work included scanning specified areas in the parking lot to locate underground utilities. A signal was sent along any accessible metallic utility or tracer wire, and the area was scanned with GPR to locate any additional targets. The locations of any detected utilities and anomalies were marked directly at the site with paint, flags, stakes, or other appropriate means, and results were reviewed with onsite personnel.

Upon arrival, GPRS Project Manager Randy Clinton performed a site walk with the on site personnel. After the site walk concluded, Randy came up with a game plan to trace all visible surface features first, then inspect any possible unknown utilities that did not have a feature associated with it in the work area.

The first mode of action that GPRS took, was to utilize the electromagnetic detector (EM detector.) GPRS was able to identify the main water feed, site lighting, gas line, and storm sewers within the scope of work. The next step was to scan the work area using a 250MHz ground penetrating radar antenna. The 250MHz antenna is designed to locate underground utilities and other subsurface anomalies that may not be locatable with the EM detector. Using this technology, GPRS was able to identify and confirm the existing utility lines that were previously detected using the EM locator. All of the findings were marked according to the painted color code which has been established by 811. Lastly, all of the utility line’s locations were collected using our GEODE (GPS) device. Collecting these locations using a GPS device allows GPRS to create deliverables such as Google Earth overlays or CAD drawings. Not only is this important to your current project, these drawings can be kept as records for future use.

All GPRS Project Managers are highly skilled and trained in the field of concrete scanning and utility locating. However, it does not stop there as we have helped numerous clients identify underground storage tanks (USTs), footings, and identify voids on site.

As a nationwide company, we cover all 50 states. Our 24 hours rapid response program guarantees that your project will get covered within a 24-hour window of your call, text, or email.

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