GPRS Preforms Soil Borings in Providence, RI

GPRS helps GeoTech Firm prior to Drilling in Providence, RI

A Geo Technical consulting firm had a project in Providence, RI outside of a National Grid Facility. The scope of the project was to perform soil borings through the asphalt to collect geological and water samples in 45 locations. The consulting firm did not want to hit any obstructions in the soil. The Geotech Firm decided to contact Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Boston after learning that they have been in business since 2001 & are best for the job. Each technician has the experience of performing over 350 surveys per year. GPRS was able to complete the investigation the next day and allowed the project to proceed without hitting a single obstruction. GPRS uses real time applications and were experienced enough to be able to clear all locations of utilities prior to drilling.

At the job site, GPRS scanned the area in 45 locations where the soil borings would occur. Paint was used to mark our scan location and any utilities in the inspected area of the soil boring. All of the locations required our technician to perform the investigation on busy city streets. With the vast knowledge, experience and qualifications of the GPRS technician, all utilities were marked out with GPR and our Electro-magnetic piper locator. The Geotech Firm now had the information they needed to proceed with the project without causing any delays in the project going forward.

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