GPRS Detects Voids in San Diego County

GPRS Helps a Contractor A”VOID” a Huge Problem

We get a fair share of job requests that are outside of our normal, daily routine. Most days our project managers are looking for buried utilities, or scanning the concrete to mark out conduits and reinforcement, or even using the video pipe inspection equipment to verify the condition of a pipe. This job story is about none of those, this job was for finding “voids”. Now voids are nothing new for GPRS, we do void jobs all the time actually. However, whereas we typically do void jobs on a slab on grade where an air pocket has formed between the ground and the slab, this job was on suspended slabs.

Well I will have to stop and explain before I confuse anyone reading this. The job we were hired to do was on a 16 story condo complex in San Diego County, right on the beach. The building had a beautiful view of the ocean and each unit had a West facing (ocean side) balcony, or two in some units. The only problem was, the balcony railings were starting to deteriorate and one even fell off the side of the building. The contractor was tasked with mounting new mounts for a glass railing to the side of each concrete deck. The only problem is, the concrete slab is a hollow core deck (see below for a visual). With the hollow core deck in place, the contractor could not get a proper depth of an anchor to assure the strength of the railing mounts.

The contractor decided to hire a company to come fill the outermost hollow tube with grout/concrete to fix the issue. By drilling holes in the deck and pouring the grout in, they felt that they had filled the hollow section fully and there were now ready to mount the brackets. However, the first hole they drilled went right into a hollow “void” space;, the grout did not fill up the hollow in this section.

The contractor decided to turn to the local GPRS to help solve the problem. He knows that grout was poured in, but he has no idea where the grout has filled up the hollow tube and where they have to add more. It would be far too costly and slow to drill holes in every balcony to verify the grout level. GPRS was able to scan each balcony (over 160 balconies) in a fraction of the time and at an affordable price to accurately determine where a void space was still present and where the grout was solid through the deck.

The contractor commended GPRS after completing the project as it saved his company time and money, as well as some of the impending lawsuits from the tenants. GPRS may not get called out for this type of job every day, but our project managers have the proper training and process to accomplish all sorts of jobs that get thrown at us.

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