GPR  Locates Voids in Pittsburgh, PA

GPR Scanning Used to Locate Voids in Pittsburgh, PA

GPRS (Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc.) was recently hired by a local engineer during a project where they are trying to determine what is causing the concrete to shift in a giant storage warehouse. This warehouse has magnets underneath the surface of the concrete that keeps the forklifts running in a straight line. The forklifts are also only inches off the ground, so it is a huge safety issue if the ground becomes unlevel. GPRS was hired to determine if there may be any type of voids beneath the surface that may be causing the concrete to shift, and if found approximately how far beneath the surface they are located. Once we arrived at the site, we walked the area of concern (area to be scanned) with the onsite contact and discussed were they believed the best area to begin would be. Once the site walk is complete the process begins by using GPR to collect initial scans throughout the area. Each location is then scanned with a scan spacing of approximately 6”-12” on center. The GPR data is viewed in real time and and the findings were marked on the surface. Once the potential voids all have been located and painted on the surface, GPRS then does a site review with the engineering company to explain the findings that we have gathered. In most cases, once this is done, GPRS will then locate the conduits and reinforcement in the slab for excavation of the in-question areas. The first image below depicts our NE Ohio/WPA Project Manager, David Abdul, scanning a portion of the area of concern. The remaining images depict onsite photos of the potential voids found. It is important to call GPRS and have each area being excavated or investigated scanned with GPR prior to any work being done. In this case, we were able to help the engineer determine how to create a safe workplace for the site employees at an affordable cost. Contact David Abdul (330) 815-7860, for any of your concrete or utility scanning/ markout needs.

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