Concrete Scanning Before Saw Cutting at Detroit Tigers Stadium

GPRS (Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc.) was hired by a local general contractor in January 2020. They planned to saw cut and remove sections of existing concrete slabs in order to install new plumbing below the concrete. The locations to be saw cut were inside multiple concession areas at Comerica Park, home to MLB’s Detroit Tigers. The contractor hired GPRS to locate existing conduits/piping within or below the concrete slab where saw cutting was to take place. Damaging utilities can result in a multitude of negative consequences (e.g., personal injury, downtime, and costly repairs). This is never a good scenario, especially at such a high-profile site as a major league ballpark.

Upon arrival, we performed a site walk with the contractor who had already laid out the areas that were to be saw cut. Our 1600 MHz ground penetrating radar (GPR) antenna was then calibrated and the areas in question were scanned in a grid pattern to identify utilities and their depths below the surface. During our investigation many conduits/pipes were identified within the areas scanned. In addition to locating utilities, we were also able to identify the thickness of the slab. Many of the utilities located were just below (< ½ “) the concrete slab. These utilities could have easily been struck by a saw blade had our services not been provided. All the located utilities and their depths were marked on the ground surface as was slab thickness.

The decision to hire GPRS gave our client a clear and comprehensive understanding of the underground utilities below the concrete slab within the work areas. This information allowed our client to plan their project accordingly and cut with confidence.

GPRS does not provide geophysical, geological, land surveying or engineering services. If you need such services, please contact an appropriate professional.