GPRS Concrete Scans in Little Rock, AR

Concrete Scanning before Coring or Saw-cutting in Little Rock, Arkansas

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Arkansas received a call from a general contractor working in Little Rock, AR with concerns about how much reinforcement and conduits were in the slab before coring to install a new shower drain. The contact for the general contractor asked what type of results he could expect when concrete scanning on an elevated slab prior to core drilling. The following is what was discussed.

GPR can locate conduits, tension cable, rebar, slab boxes, voids and more, which allows for incident free drilling or sawing. Knowing where to cut and where not to, can help maintain the integrity of a project, as well as prevent costly or even dangerous incidents.

While on site for this project, GPRS was able to locate all the reinforcement in the area of concern and they also provided approximate depths on the surface on all the reinforcement located. The markings seen in the photo above are a typical finished product. All markings were made clearly on the surface using Sharpie marker, approximate depths were provided on all markings and all findings were reviewed with the site contact before leaving the site. GPRS cleared the area for the contractor to core so that there would be no issues or danger involved when core drilling.

GPRS also let the general contractor know about the capabilities of outdoor utility locating. Excavating outdoors is often quite a challenge with the huge amount of infrastructure underground. Obstructions often include electrical lines, water pipes, gas lines and tanks that are in the ground. The “811” service is in place to locate public utilities however, they do not locate private utilities which are just as dangerous.

GPRS, unfortunately all too often, receive calls about clients needing GPR services after they cut or damaged conduits or tension cables, but it is GPRS’s mission to provide these services prior to the incident, so it is encouraged to make it common practice to include concrete scanning or locating (concrete or utility) in your quotes and bids.

When you are cutting or coring concrete it is important to have it scanned. Utilizing GPR on your project can help reduce injury, reduce lost productivity, and maintain that incident free professionalism that you demand. GPRS’s safety culture is comprehensive, ongoing, and guides the manner in which all of their Project Managers do their jobs.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Arkansas is available to service the concrete scanning and private utility locating needs of Arkansas. GPRS is a nationwide company; your local GPRS representative’s contact information can be located HERE. Our insurance certificate (COI) and W-9 can also be downloaded.

For videos and more information about services that GPRS offers, please contact Ethan King at or (501) 251-4036.

GPRS does not provide geophysical, geological, land surveying or engineering services. If you need such services, please contact an appropriate professional. -