GPRS Locates Utilities in New Orleans, LA


Ground Penetrating Radar Systems received a call from a local general contractor working in New Orleans, Louisiana with concerns about what may be in a slab prior to core drilling in two (2) places within a large coffee manufacturing facility in the area. Like most facilities of this type, a shutdown to production or injury to workers on site can significantly impact operations. As a result, GPR and EM technology were used to specifically identify beams as well as locate potential conduits, post-tension cables, rebar, and/or other critically embedded items prior to penetrating the slab. The use of these methods prior to cutting or coring help to prevent costly or even dangerous incidents while maintaining the integrity and schedule of a project. While on site GPR was specifically able to determine the location of structural support beams in one (1) area along with additional reinforcing steel in a second area scanned inside the production areas of the plant.

In addition to the areas scanned inside the facility for concrete coring and saw cutting, GPRS also provided utility locating services for a proposed new storm drain system on the exterior of the facility. While “8-1-1” services are fantastic to locate public utilities, these services often fall short by not locating utilities beyond the right-of-way onto private property. Digging in plants and facilities is often quite a challenge with the vast amount of infrastructure underground; including electrical lines, pipes, gas lines, pipes abandoned in place, previous structures, storage tanks, and numerous other potential obstructions. The area of proposed excavations for this project were walked down with the site contact, scanned using GPR and EM equipment throughout, and then re-walked and findings communicated with clients in real-time. Lastly, GPRS collected all available data with a GPS unit to produce a final written report deliverable and CAD drawing of the underground utility findings. The final written report included select GPR data examples, site photos, explanation of equipment, process, and findings along with the map of the area located.

As a core value, safety is of upmost priority for GPRS from performing our services to the information provided to clients. While no underground utility locating/concrete scanning effort is flawless 100 percent of the time, GPR and EM technologies are very effective for locating underground utilities and scanning concrete for embedded objects. GPRS believes the difference to lie within our highly skilled employees. Each Project Manager is extensively trained and well-versed in using the SIM process for all locating conducted at GPRS. This on-going development and standardized process is a key component to the success and leading edge in the industry nationwide for GPRS.

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GPRS does not provide geophysical, geological, land surveying or engineering services. If you need such services, please contact an appropriate professional. -

GPRS Locates Indoor Utilities in New Orleans, LA
GPRS Locates Utilities in New Orleans, LA
GPRS Locates Indoor Utilities in New Orleans, LA