Oil & Gas


The Oil & Gas industry is the largest sector in the world in terms of dollar value, making it a crucial element in the economy’s framework. GPRS manages  national Oil & Gas  accounts and  operations from  pipeline to  refinery  projects, encompassing all phases: upstream, midstream and downstream. We work  directly with  owners such as: Cheniere, Motiva, Chevron, Dominion,  Enerfin, Enterprise, DOW, Shell, Air Products, Air Liquide, etc.  Our  highly trained  project managers have extensive experience locating utilities  at  compressor  stations,  pump/lift  stations, terminal  facilities , tank  farms,  storage,  pipeline mapping,  pipe  installation (all  midstream  activities) as well as  oil  well  drilling,  refineries,  petrochemical  plants,  and more. 

We collaborate with  engineering,  procurement,  supply  chain,  construction/GC's, and  maintenance groups to provide underground utility locating, concrete scanning and video pipe inspection. Our goal in the oil & gas space is to communicate  the importance of mapping the subsurface infrastructure inside private and public properties.  GPRS  provides  a  comprehensive deliverable of  all underground assets to ensure our clients  have up-to-date  records for future reference. This helps  mitigate  accidental utility strikes, keeping your projects  and  facilities safe.



GPRS partners with companies that specialize in exploration the drilling boring process in extraction to locate underground utilities. Locating pipelines, flow lines, waterlines associated with drilling, and utilities around production facilities is essential prior to excavation and can provide critical maps for documentation and record keeping purposes.



GPS has extensive experience when it comes to locate an underground utilities along pipelines, gathering pipelines, and transmission lines containing natural gas, petroleum oil. Terminals, LNG terminals,​ and storage facilities are also locations w​h​ere comprehensive subsurface utility locate​ is needed.



​When working inside facilities such as oil refineries, petrochemical plants, petroleum products distributors, and natural gas distribution companies the risk posed by excavation is very high. there are often complex mazes of subsurface facilities that must be located in mapped prior to any digging taking place.


One-Call Services

GPRS exceeds industry performance when it comes to the accuracy of underground utility locating. Our team can continue the support of your project by crafting a one-call program for when the project transitions to the O&M phase. Whether supporting locating tickets for assets on public or private property, GPRS is the clear choice for damage prevention.