Oil & Gas


The Oil & Gas industry is the largest sector in the world in terms of dollar value, making it a crucial element in the economy’s framework. GPRS manages  national Oil & Gas  accounts and  operations from  pipeline to  refinery  projects, encompassing all phases: upstream, midstream and downstream. We work  directly with  owners such as: Cheniere, Motiva, Chevron, Dominion,  Enerfin, Enterprise, DOW, Shell, Air Products, Air Liquide, etc.  Our  highly trained  project managers have extensive experience locating utilities  at  compressor  stations,  pump/lift  stations, terminal  facilities , tank  farms,  storage,  pipeline mapping,  pipe  installation (all  midstream  activities) as well as  oil  well  drilling,  refineries,  petrochemical  plants,  and more. 

We collaborate with  engineering,  procurement,  supply  chain,  construction/GC's, and  maintenance groups to provide underground utility locating, concrete scanning and video pipe inspection. Our goal in the oil & gas space is to communicate  the importance of mapping the subsurface infrastructure inside private and public properties.  GPRS  provides  a  comprehensive deliverable of  all underground assets to ensure our clients  have up-to-date  records for future reference. This helps  mitigate  accidental utility strikes, keeping your projects  and  facilities safe.