Mini XT Data Sheet

2300 MHz GPR Antenna. The antenna is only approximately 4”x3.5” and rolls over the surface. The antenna needs a reasonably smooth, unobstructed surface for scanning so we would not be able to scan within 1.75” of obstructions such as walls and metal tracks unless they are removed prior to our work. The data is displayed on a screen during the scanning and marked on the surface in real time. GPR works by sending pulses of energy into a material and recording the strength and the time required for the return of the reflected signal. Reflections are produced when the energy pulses enter into a material with different electrical properties from the material it left. The strength of the reflection is determined by the contrast in signal speed between the two materials. The total depth achieved can be as much as 18” or more with this antenna but can vary widely depending on the conductivity of the materials and other factors such as the spacing of the reinforcing. Depth accuracy depends on the ability to obtain an accurate dielectric for the concrete or other material being scanned through. No harmful radiation is emitted and the work can be performed at any time with people in close proximity.


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