Is Your Ground Disturbance Policy as Good as it Should Be

Wondering how to keep your site safe while performing excavation work? A well thought-out plan such as a written Ground Disturbance Policy is your first step in executing safe and efficient ground work. Ground Disturbance Policies should detail the use of a private utility locator. A private utility locator like GPRS will take the guesswork out of utility locating, going beyond the use of outdated drawings or incorrect assumptions.

GPRS Project Managers are highly trained at locating subsurface utilities, confirming as-built drawings, and finding any other materials or void spaces beneath the ground surface. GPRS services extend beyond the area typically covered by a public utility locating service. A comprehensive approach known as Subsurface Investigation Methodology ensures the highest quality locate, each and every time. Detailed maps or drawings can be provided to show exactly where you can perform digging or trenching work. Help keep your site safe by preventing accidental utility strikes- schedule your GPRS visit today!