Video Pipe Inspection equipment RENTAL

VPI Equipment Rental vs. Purchase vs. Hiring a Professional
Video Pipe Inspections


Our first alternative to purchasing your own Video Pipe Inspection (VPI) equipment is renting it. Obviously, the first benefit to renting inspection tools comes in the form of “skipping the middleman.” By not hiring a trained technician, you skip a step by obtaining the equipment that they use, while also producing a cost-effective option that doesn’t require a sewer pipe inspector to come out to your location. You can quickly get to work locating and inspecting pipelines, and you don’t have to rely on outdated VPI equipment like when you purchase. The newest, most up-to-date model is always available for your pipe inspection needs.

However, renting isn’t always the best option. When you rent equipment, and take out the middleman, you not only don’t receive technician that’s been trained to use the inspection equipment and prevent any data collection loss because they understand how to analyze and store the information they find from the inspection. Additionally, different types of video cameras are to be used in different situations. Do you know when a push camera can be used? Or when to use a CCTV robotic crawler? Like most, you properly don’t understand the difference. Unlike GPR scanners, NASSCO trained technicians understand which camera is to be used depending on the type of sewer pipe being inspected.
Video Sewer Inspections


Unlike renting video pipe inspection equipment, purchasing is a lot less cost effective. These types of equipment can run someone thousands of dollars, on top of the process it takes to properly understand how to utilize and operate the sewer inspection tools. For a single person or company, who might only use this equipment once or twice, purchasing any of the listed inspection video cameras can become a costly investment.

OPTION 3) HIRING A Trained Professional

The reason clients hire a VPI service provider, such as GPRS, is because they are more than their equipment. As we’ve seen, renting or purchasing equipment have their pros and cons, but they can only get you so far. Trained video pipe inspectors not only have an expert level understanding of each type of sewer inspection camera used for pipe inspections services, but they understand how to collect and analyze the pipeline data to solve what the client’s sewer pipe related issues are. Although hiring a VPI professional is more costly than renting, it’s still more cost-effective than purchasing the equipment, and you receive the added bonus of experience and training in the profession utilizing industry-leading sewer pipe video cameras.

More importantly, GPRS’ NASSCO trained Project Managers have the capability to provide better results and industry-certified reporting that can give you the most accurate assessment of your municipal or industrial sewer system. In addition, our experience allows for a quicker inspection turn around, saving you money with a long-term investment.