How much does ground penetrating radar services cost?

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems offers concrete scanning and private utility locating services for clients as a better alternative to buying or renting GPR equipment and training employees to use it.

When you hire GPRS, you are saving the upfront expense of high-end GPR equipment as well as the long-term costs associated with training GPR users. You’re also preventing many of the potentially disastrous mistakes which can occur from doing it yourself.

Factors that Impact the Cost of a GPR Scan

  • Project size
  • A project’s physical size has an impact on the amount of time needed to scan it.
  • Location
  • Ground and weather conditions vary from place to place and can affect the accuracy of a GPR scan.
  • Complexity
  • A densely settled urban area can be expected to have more buried utilities and materials than an open field.
  • Additional requests
  • With any GPR scan, temporary markings can be made or a more permanent solution can be provided. Maps or plans can be created upon request to detail the findings of a scan.

While the process of renting a piece of GPR equipment might seem as easy as renting a leaf blower from your local hardware store, its usage is not. Excavation is a dangerous activity to begin with and even more so when you’re unsure of what lies beneath. It might seem cheaper and quicker to go the do-it-yourself route, but consider the headache that comes with learning how to use GPR and the potential for costly and time-consuming mistakes.

GPRS provides the same attention to detail to all of our projects, no matter what the size. When you work with a GPRS Team Member, you’re gaining the insight that comes with decades of experience and leadership in the field. Don’t mess around with attempting to scan an area yourself- call your local GPRS Project Manager today and rely on our expertise for your next scanning project.

We do not conduct a study, investigation, analysis, or interpretation of soil composition, soil conditions, or other aspects of the physical earth. We report retrieved data only. We do NOT provide geophysical, geological, engineering, or land surveying services. Please contact a geophysicist, geologist, engineer, or land surveyor if you are seeking the provision of geophysical, geological, engineering, or land surveying services.

GPRS Commitment to Quality

  • Extensive training
  • GPRS project managers are extensively trained in our 2+ month Training School . Training involves both hands-on field learning, as well as a classroom component including work on our state-of-the-art training slab. During site work, new hires are mentored by experienced Project Managers who average over 200 jobs a year. Project Managers gain a thorough understanding of services offered, enabling them to provide critical information for your project. All of our Teams are taught Subsurface Investigation Methodology, a 3-step approach to completing the best possible locates with the least possible error. This has led to an accuracy rate of over 99% in all of our scans.
  • Widespread availability
  • Our offices across the country give us the ability to quickly respond to your requests, often dispatching a Project Manager to your site within 24 hours of first contact. Project Managers are local to your area, meaning they have an in-depth understanding of the local conditions which may impact a GPR scan.
  • High-end ground penetrating radar equipment
  • GPRS routinely invests hundreds of thousands of dollars into buying and maintaining the best GPR equipment on the market. However, we understand that even the most high-end equipment only goes so far. That is why we invest so much in our project managers.