Thank you to all who participated in this year's Construction Safety Week!


GPRS is Taking Safety Week to the Next Level

This year, from May 6 to the 10th, is National Construction Safety Week, where the entire construction industry takes time out of their schedule to focus on educating you and your team on how to stay safe on the job site.

GPRS has played a part in Safety Week education moments for over ten years. We take our role in educating and supporting construction crews seriously. For the five days of National Construction Safety Week, GPRS is offering any construction team or excavation service a free hour with one of our utility scanning technicians. We want to help educate construction teams on the role of utility scanning, how to avoid hazardous utilities while digging, and what to do in case there is an accidental utility strike to keep you and your team safe.

Since 2000, there have been nearly 2000 injuries and over 400 fatalities on construction sites due to accidental utility line strikes

Experts at the Common Ground Alliance ( ) estimate that since 2000, there have been nearly 2000 injuries and over 400 fatalities on construction sites due to accidental utility line strike. The vast majority of these incidents could have been prevented, or at least contained, with adequate utility locating and better on staff training of what to do in case of a utility strike. Keep your team out of harm’s way with help from the utility locating experts at GPRS this Construction Safety Week.

Topics our utility locating team can cover include:

  • How to stay safe before, during and after an excavation
  • Warning signs to look for during excavation
  • Brief overview of buried utilities and risks to avoid
  • How to prevent accidents during digging
  • Color coding utilities and which to avoid

GPRS Commitment to Safety

At GPRS, our number one priority is keeping you and your team safe from accident and injury on the job site. Find out how we can help teach your staff about what to do and what to avoid during construction and excavation, and how utility scanning and locating services can help improve your workplace safety. Across all levels of our organization, GPRS is fully committed to providing a safe work environment for our customers and our communities. Safety is not just a goal, it’s an expectation we set for ourselves and our team on every project.

This free service is being offered by every GPRS office nationwide. Contact your local GPRS representative today to schedule a time for them to come out to your workplace and give a presentation on how to be safe during excavation. The safety of your next project, and your team, could depend on sharing this critical information

For more information on National Construction Safety Week and how to play your part in keeping your construction sites safe, click HERE.