GPRS Culture Questions Answered - Part 1

Part 1: Company Culture and Hiring - Interview with Chris Moore

How would you describe the company culture at GPRS?

Our team members are a top priority at GPRS. GPRS’s purpose is to provide development and to open new opportunities for our team, while delivering a sensational experience to our customers. In a recent internal survey, GPRS team members noted the strong sense of community as a main reason for remaining at the company. This support system is fostered through one-on-one coaching, ongoing training programs, leadership development, and much more. We understand that it’s not possible for us to provide the best service to our customers without first providing the best working environment to our team, and it’s something we strive for in all that we do.

How does GPRS promote this culture?

The community culture at GPRS is fostered through ongoing coaching and development. We recently launched our Leadership Development Program (LDP), in which regional leaders were invited to commit to a year-long training designed to promote skills necessary for career advancement. Our next Leadership Development Program will be opened up to everyone in the company, and an advanced program is being developed to continue fostering those who are already in leadership roles. The LDP encourages teamwork and support, as do our individualized coaching and ongoing training opportunities. We believe in providing our team members with the tools and empowerment they need to lean in and achieve their desired level of accomplishment.

What are the top qualities GPRS looks for when hiring new team members?

The “secret sauce” at GPRS has always been our team members. Since the beginning, GPRS has sought out individuals with the highest character, strong work ethic, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Our “3 C’s” of hiring are:

  • Character – we seek out individuals capable of consistently upholding the GPRS Core Values of integrity, mutual respect, teamwork, growth mindedness, and safety.

  • Chemistry – though Project Managers often work alone, GPRS operates as a team. We look for the ability to be a team player and to fit in with the other team members you’ll be working alongside.

  • Competency – only those who display the skills and competencies required at GPRS are invited to join our team. We employ the use of aptitude tests as a part of our hiring process, to ensure that all new team members will be able to hit the ground running.


Chris Moore, Vice President of Administration

In 13 years at GPRS, Chris Moore has worked his way from a field position up to his current role as Vice President of Administration. This experience has given him a firsthand understanding of the company’s culture and has enabled him to relay that message to others. Chris represents GPRS core values by sharing his vast knowledge and using it for both personal advancement as well as the future of GPRS.