Let us intelligently visualize your built world.

GPRS brings job site safety nationwide. GPRS employees are SIM certified, and offer unparalleled services including Concrete Scanning, Utility Locating, Video Pipe Inspection, Leak Detection, Mapping and Modeling, and more.

  • And now, with the addition of 3D LaserScanning, we can provide you with the industry’s only comprehensive, top-down facility visualization and contextual map, including every space and every material, from the roof through the subsurface utilities, infrastructure, and more, all cross-referenced and delivered in a single easy-to-use geospatial interface with our SiteMap service.

    Our comprehensive services include:

  • Utility Locating: We locate private utilities, facility utilities, provide clearances for soil boring and directional drilling, One Call utility locating, complete utility mapping, and more.
  • Video Pipe Inspection: We employ push cameras and robotics to provide detailed video of all pipes, laterals, and defects, and map it all for you digitally.
  • Concrete Scanning: All of our concrete scans come with our exclusive Green Box Guarantee because we are 99.8% accurate in our locates for coring, sawing, planning and designing, or if you need a complete structural analysis and updated as-builts.
  • 3D Laser Scanning: Survey-grade lasers create detailed point clouds, complex 2D and 3D models for CAD designers, or 3D walk-throughs for engineers in a fraction of the time of a traditional site survey, and all are processed to build clash detection and avoidance into the models to ensure your data is accurate.
  • Drone Imagery: Our drones are fitted with state-of-the art cameras to provide UAS Thermographic and Magnetic Imagery to find previously hidden subsurface voids, damaged solar panels, and abandoned oil well heads. We also provide arial site imagery and building façade imagery to provide top-down facility mapping and avoid costly and time-consuming scaffolding inspections.
  • Leak Detection: We employ Acoustic Detectors and Leak Noise Correlators to provide data that we then correlate and confirm with the help of software to provide you the most accurate location data for any liquid leak.  Safety is always on our radar, our work is accurate within millimeters, and we get it right 99.8% of the time. So, you can be confident we’ve located every pipe, conduit, tank, support, and void, above or below ground, and know that there will be virtually no surprises. Whether you need post-tension utility mapping, or a complex 3D walkthrough and point cloud of your entire campus, GPRS can deliver.

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Our 5 core values are what drives the heart and soul of our business. We use them to model the way we conduct business, interact with clients, and operate internally. Our core values are integrity, teamwork, mutual respect, growth-mindedness, and safety.


We believe you cannot have an exceptional company without having exceptional people. We believe a person's character is what makes them exceptional. Integrity is synonymous with character. Someone with a high level of integrity is going to do right by others even when it may never be noticed. That is important as it relates to GPRS because on 99% of the jobs we do, we will only have one person on site - it is up to that person to represent GPRS and our company well. Integrity is key.


We always want to be respectful of others in our dealings - that is obvious. What we do is not easy and we want to earn the respect of our customers and the industry we serve by way of what we do, the quality of the service we offer, the value we bring on our jobs, our interactions with our customers, and the way we represent our company. We always want to set ourselves apart.
Mutual RespectIntegrity


We make no apologies for our desire for growth. We have established a market leading position nationally and we want to continue to be out in front of our competition. Part of our purpose statement is "GPRS exists to create the best opportunities for our team members." Growth is the best way to create opportunity. One of the greatest aspects of my job is to be able to reward someone who has worked hard and separated themselves with a better opportunity. It is important to note that when we talk about growth it is not just the size of our company - in terms of people or revenue. We want our people to grow as well- to be pushed and to push themselves to become better.
SafetyGrowth Mindedness


When you are part of a team, you ideally get to a point where you look out for the best interests of your teammates. When one person needs help, their teammates are there to pick them up. We look out for one another, one person's strength compliments another's weakness. Together, we are greater than the sum of our individual parts.


Our services enhance the safety performance of our customers. We are hired to minimize our customers' risk when they need to work below the surface. What we do to enhance safety does not mean much if we are not conscientious of working safely ourselves. We exist to improve the safety of the construction industry - we need to lead by example in modeling that behavior.