GatorCam4 Brochure

Sewer Camera. The sewer camera has a 2” diameter, self-leveling camera head that provides high quality images in pipes up to 9” in diameter. There is also a 512 Hz sonde behind the camera that can be located from above ground and provide the approximate depth to the pipe for pipes up to 10’ deep. The locatable signal from the sonde will not pass through metal pipes or solid metal barriers except for cast iron. The camera and sonde are pushed through the pipe and access will need to be obtained through a cleanout or an open pipe within arm’s reach and can be pushed through for a maximum of 200’. Access to confined spaces such as manholes would need to be provided and facilitated by the client. Video and photos of the interior of the pipe can be provided but GPRS does not provide inspection services or make judgements regarding the integrity of the pipes.


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