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A valued customer was having flow issues within their waste pipes and was not sure exactly where the issue was occurring. The customer hired our CCTV camera inspection services department to use the robotic crawler camera system to determine where the issue was. The NASCCO certified project manager was able to access both ends of the pipe and determine at what linear footage there was an issue. The CCTV inspection services project manager crawled about 800 linear feet from one end of the pipe with no obvious issues found. The CCTV inspection services project manager then accessed the other end of the pipe sections and found the issue at hand. The customer was very pleased with our inspection services capabilities in being able to help locate their issue.

The robotic crawler system provides quality video footage as well as the capability to take high quality photos of the issues within the pipes. Along with the video and photo capability, the CCTV inspection services project manager can locate trouble areas within the pipes as well. The customer for this particular job was provided high quality video of the entire process along with a full NASSCO report. The customer can now move forward and determine what needs to be done to help get their pipes back to full capabilities.

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