Applications for GPR


Buildings and Structural Renovations

  • Identification of reinforcing steel, including post-tension cables and rebar, within the concrete prior to core drilling for electrical outfitting, plumbing, duct work, fire protection services, and drain installation
  • Locating electrical conduits embedded in or below slabs prior to saw cutting or core drilling
  • Utility detection to create a comprehensive picture of existing sub-surface utilities on your project

Prior to Excavation

  • To locate existing utilities such as gas lines, sewer pipes, and underground storage tanks, as well as power lines, phone and communication cables, and other subsurface hazards and obstructions

Streets and Urban Planning

  • Locating existing near-surface utilities to ensure a safe and non-destructive work environment
  • Use GPR to detect potential problem areas beneath asphalt and pavement

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Detection

  • Identifying storage tanks left underground

GPRS services offer construction managers, contractors, and homeowners a non-destructive, safe, and fast solution to subsurface scanning and detection. Locating hazardous elements in your concrete or underneath your excavation site allows you to complete projects quickly, at lower cost, and with less risk of damages, injury, or accidents.